Flight Simulator FNPT II

Date: 2015-10-21
FNPT II    Bell 206 L
Used for 18 mounth in Stockholm-Västerås Airport, Sweden

Great condition !

Euro 185´000 excl.VAT



The FNPT II Flight Navigation Procedure Training device is mostly used for IFR/VFR training. The basic concept is a non motion trainer with a cockpit enclosure generally representative of the model of single engine or light twin helicopters.

The cockpit provides realistic flight controls for the pilot and co-pilot positions that closely replicate those in the actual aircraft. The system provides realistic instrumentation, switches, fuses and knobs representative of the aircraft instrument panel, a visual 170°x75° FOV out-of-cockpit display and a sound system for representative helicopter sounds.

The trainer configuration supports the conduct of ground start, run-up, and shutdown procedures, to include ground emergencies. The main feature however is the devices capability to support in-flight manoeuvres in VFR and IFR conditions as well as flight emergency procedure training, along with all FNPT 2 requirements and much more.

It has all the specific features to full fill the EASA-FSTD H requirements.

Visual System

IMG_4781 IMG_4797 IMG_4798 IMG_4805

At 170° horizontally by 75° vertically, and with detailed scenery, the visual system permits flight manoeuvres to be taught, as well as providing a compelling way to teach flight in poor visibility and transition from VFR flying to IFR. The visual system far exceeds the FAA requirements for Flight Training Devices, but is essential for quality training.The FNPT has a complete IFR instrument panel, with a worldwide database of navigation aids.

Instructor Station


The instructor station is immediately behind the cockpit, permitting the instructor an unimpeded view of the visual system and instrument panel. The instructor also has complete control over the flight via dual monitors and a touchpad tablet PC.

To assist in IFR training, the OCRA eye-tracking system is installed as standard. This innovative device has already proven its worth for monitoring instrument cross-check and is currently exclusively available only from Aerosimulators.



The FNPT II is installed in a climate controlled, highly mobile trailer, so there is no need to build separate facilities or modify existing space. All that is needed is a place to park and electrical power. Using a trailer means that the training can be given, wherever the need arises. This without expensive pilot transport and unavailability costs.

Authorized Use

This gives the devices under EASA  FCL2 the required credits as follows:

  • ATPL(H) integrated : 20 Hrs IR + 20 Hrs VFR
  • CPL(H) integrated : 5 Hrs IR + 30 Hrs VFR
  • CPL(H) modular : 5 Hrs IR + 5 Hrs VFR
  • IR(H) : 40 Hrs Instrument Rating
  • PPL(H) : 5 Hrs Basic Instrument Training
  • NIGHT : 5 Hrs Basic Night Flying
  • IRI : 10Hrs instrument instructor training

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